First, we make the beast beautiful - by Sarah Wilson

Guys - a book recommendation post today. If you have ever experienced anxiety (or depression, OCD, or bipolar disorder - but especially anxiety), you must read this book. Or if you support someone who does, I think it's equally excellent. 

Sarah Wilson was the editor of Cosmo magazine, a TV presenter (she had a pretty public meltdown when the host of Masterchef) and wrote the I Quit Sugar book/website etc. She has experienced mental health difficulties since she can remember, and has tried almost everything under the sun. She writes from this incredibly honest, brave, human perspective, simply wanting to tell other people what did - and didn't - work for her. It's rammed with science and research but not in a sleep-inducing make-you-feel-stupid way, but also full of personal anecdotes that will make those of us with anxiety laugh and cry at the familiarity of it all.

She openly states she isn't a doctor or therapist or any kind, and is writing from personal experience. But she has read so widely, and interviewed so many people (including the Dalai Lama!) that you'll feel like you've read all the best parts of what she has gone through and collated in this super helpful guide. And best of all, it's gentle. It's about compassion, acceptance, laughing at ourselves, and bonding with other humans who are in the same battle. There's no hard and fast rules, telling-offs or guilt trips. 

I read it twice, sent screenshots of various bits to almost everyone I know, and I think I'll actually buy a copy. (I'm a huge library user, only some books make it to a permanent place on the shelves!)

You can read the first chapter online for free here to see if it's for you. I honestly think you wont regret it. I'd love to hear what you think, just email me or leave me a comment below. 

Ps - Just in case it's not obvious, I am not affiliated in any way and don't benefit from recommendations at all. Except for that I'll have more people to chat to about what I'm reading! If that ever changes I'll let you know.