What on earth is mBraining?

I had a coffee with stress consultant Dr Suzanne Henwood last week. I'd first met her at the talk I did at the Te Atatu Business Association the other week about stress. She missed the talk and I was glad - there's nothing like knowing there's an expert on the subject you're speaking on, sitting in the room in front of you!

Anyway, we caught up properly and she told me a little bit about what she does. She's working locally (you all know by now how passionate I am about services that choose to operate out here in West Auckland!) and is bringing a wealth of experience to the area. 

She is very upfront about the fact she isn't a medical practitioner or therapist. She's a coach, a consultant, and she sees results. Personal development, leadership, and goalsetting are her strengths and she uses various techniques, tailored to the individual, and always puts together a plan with the person in collaboration with them. She also screens for concerns that are outside her scope and refers if necessary. With a background in radiography, 10 years as an associate professor, a PhD in professional development, a range of books authored and a lot of research under her belt, she is quick to be very clear about the science base she works from. 

So what is mBraining? This is from Suzanne's website: "We have at least three brains – yes the head, or cephalic brain you were already aware of, and the heart (cardiac) and gut (enteric) brains, which you were probably aware of intuitively, but may not have called them brains in the past." I'll confess I know a bit about the head brain, and recent research has told us a lot about the gut brain (a complex neural network which deserves as much attention as the head brain) but beyond this I haven't ventured far past this. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.59.50 pm.png

You can read more about mBraining here. I like the full-body approach, and for one am keen to watch this space!

If you're interested in personal/professional development, in leadership, finding your passion and achieving goals - or learning how to deal with stress better - you can contact Suzanne here

Ps - as usual, I have no affiliation and get no benefits from any products/services I talk about. If that ever changes I'll make it really clear!