Understanding Anxiety



'Is anxiety fashionable at the moment?' This is something I get asked a lot, and it's a good question. We're hearing the word more often, and it appears as though more people are experiencing it. But is modern life causing a rise in prevalence, or are we just more open and honest about it these days? Either way, I'm happy we're talking about it. 

Social anxiety



I was interviewed for the cover story of this month's North and South magazine, titled Understanding Anxiety. It focuses specifically on social anxiety, something I have personal experience with, and strong interest in. It contains some very honest stories from other Kiwis, which I believe is a crucial part of recovery - knowing others experience it too! There's some useful tips (not just my own!) and I think will touch a lot of nerves.

You can buy it at supermarkets and stationary/book shops, or you can download the online version on the North and South app for ios, which you can get here

Some tips to help manage December-related social anxiety!

Drugs and alcohol - or 'anti-anxiety juice'? 

Drugs and alcohol - or 'anti-anxiety juice'?