Therapy in New Zealand - your questions answered

We health professionals often forget that the average consumer doesn't live and breathe our terminology, know the differences between psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, or even really know where to start if they need help. I have long had a dream to put together a massive guide to talking therapies - focused on the New Zealand population, and presented in really straightforward language. Well as it turns out, Te Pou (Mental Health, Addiction and Disability workforce development) of the Wise Group, have done an incredible job of exactly that.

This document is the best I've seen in terms of clarifying what therapy is and can be, how it can help, explanations of terminology and methods, and how to know whether the person you're seeing is right for you. It clears up some myths, tells you how you can get the best out of therapy, and even talks about what to do if you have a complaint or feel like something has gone wrong.

Read it, share it, and if you have any further questions - ask them. No one should ever make you feel like there are aspects of your health or treatment that are 'too complicated' for you to understand. 

Click the image below or this link to see the pamphlet.