Mind-body interventions for stress - what works?

'I'm so stressed!' - it seems to be such a common complaint these days. Our natural stress response (which increases adrenalin, sharpens focus, helps us meet that deadline) can be useful in the short term, but can have a negative effect too. An exciting new study reports on a decade of clinical studies on mind-body interventions. That is, stuff that you do with your body (yoga, breathing, mindfulness - even small awareness exercises as part of your day) that affects your mind positively.

Imagine if you were able to make the most of your stress response when you needed it, and dial it back when your body needed to return to baseline. Here's a great article by Umbrella (a NZ workplace resilience training organisation) about this new study, and the benefits of mind-body work. Time wrote about it here, NewScientist covers it here, and the paper itself is here

I like Umbrella's sign-off - 'See you at Yoga!'